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The Legacy of Ancient China

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The Legacy of Ancient China:


Inventions, Innovations, and Other Contributions


Research Process  Directions to Students 


Each year your middle school's Multicultural Committee sponsors a Cultural Fair. This year, the committee has decided to focus on China, and your grade's responsibility is Ancient China.

Because Ancient Chinese history comprises almost 11,000 years, your class has been asked to create a newspaper that highlights the dynasties from the Ch'in or Qin (221-207 B.C.) to the Yuan or Mongol (1271-1368) dynasties. For a better understanding of exactly what a dynasty is, read this brief overview.

To convey the importance of Chinese contributions to the world to your audience, your group will concentrate on the inventions and unique cultural bequests of a particular dynasty. The key concept that you are asked to convey through your newspaper article is:

What were the important contributions from Ancient Chinese dynasties and
how did these contributions influence European and Asian culture?


Task and Product




Your teacher will give you your Dynasty and questions you need to answer.  You will become a specialist in this period in order to be able to inform your audience about Chinese contributions to the world from this time period. You will then create an informative newspaper article that will be included in the classroom newspaper.




You will create a newspaper article making sure to put the information from all of your questions into the article.


When you are finished, you will save it under your last name and dynasty (ex. farrell_Sung.docx)in the following folder:









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