Medieval Europe

How did the institution you researched (the manor, the church, or the feudal system) help improve life for people during the Middle Ages?


You can watch a BrainPOP video to get background knowledge on Medieval Europe.

1) Go to BCPSOne


2) Click on 


3) Click on 


4) Search for one of these topics: Middle Ages, Black Death, Feudalism, or Magna Carta.




you can use the following databases to help you do your research

Medieval Life and Times has tons of great information



You may use Power Point, Discovery Board Builder, Prezi, or Movie Maker for your project.


Feudal System

  • role of the king
  • castles
  • medieval warfare and knights
  • daily life
  • women
  • Magna Carta

Science and Technology 

  • weaponry
  • disease and medicine
  • inventions

Entertainment and the Arts

  • recreation
  • architecture
  • music
  • literature
  • fashion

Economics and Trade 

  • role of the merchant
  • town life
  • the monetary system
  • trade

Manorial System

  • serfdom and the peasantry
  • town life
  • medieval homes
  • women

Law and Justice

  • medieval law
  • crime and punishment
  • government

Religion and the Role of the Church

  • role of the Church in society
  • the Crusades
  • religion in daily life
  • monks and nuns


Adapted from BCPS Medieval Europe project